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To best assist the business owners that we work with, we coordinate the estate plan with a business succession plan, to make sure these tools will work together smoothly and seamlessley when they need to.  

Business Succession + Estate Planning: Your Ultimate Transition or Exit Strategy 

For the owners of a family business or any closely held businesses more generally, the topic of business succession should be viewed as inextricably linked to the

discussion of your estate plan more broadly. At JNF Law, we handle both, ensuring that your your  aligns with and includes the succession plan you've adopted. 


t is crucial for family-owned businesses or owners in a closely held business to discuss and develop a succession plan as soon as possible, including during your business formation process or while designing your own comprehensive estate plan. As an illistration, your business succession goals could include one or more of hte following: 

  • To continue to grow your business, and eventually, sell it at a profit.

  • To develop a business with the idea of passing on its governance to one’s family members to maintain the pride of a family business.

  • To grow a business that highlights the promotion of talent, with a plan to ultimately pass on leadership to a future generation of employees.

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